Tumultuous Post-Season Begins with Three More CPL Championships, Clean Sweep of Individual City Wins

Tuesday, November 19 2019 - Chicago Public League Championships - Ryan SanJuan

Kicking off what would prove to be a roller-coaster post-season campaign, the Eagles took home the City Title in three of the four divisions at this year's Chicago Public League Championships as well as sweeping all four individual titles for the first time in program history.  

Led by Anthony Maida's commanding victory in the varsity race, the Eagles defended their 2018 title successfully with back-to-back championships.  All six Jones runners placed in the top-15 to earn All-City honors, with seniors Ryan DeSantis and Ian Bacon joining Maida in the top-five. 

The freshmen 'Eaglets' also recaptured the City Championship in the most dominating win of the day, taking home their ninth freshmen title in ten years with a '1-5' finish to earn the perfect score.  Freshman Danny Leonard earned his first individual title of his career to pace the team.  

Keeping the program's longest streak alive, the JV team won their ninth City Championship in a row as they placed ten runners in the top fifteen behind  Junior Ryan San Juan's individual win.  Classmate Drew Blackledge and senior Matthew Lagges also finished in the top-five.  

While they fell just short of the championship, the sophomore team also boasted an individual City Champion to complete the sweep for the Eagles as sophomore newcomer Ethan Sterling captured the win and led his team to a place on the podium in the runner-up position.

2019 Chicago Public League All-City Team:


Anthony Maida (Champion)

Ryan DeSantis (3rd)

Ian Bacon (4th)

Aaron Hou (5th)

Andy Niser (13th)

Luke Benes (15th)


Ethan Sterling (Champion)

Alexander Papadopoulos (5th)

Kai Lee (6th)

Alan Menninger (9th)


Ryan San Juan (Champion)

Andrew Blackledge (3rd)

Matthew Lagges (5th)

Michael Sommese (6th)

Antony Rizk (8th)

Eric Hinch (9th)

Leor Weber (11th)

Joaquin Ramirez (12th)

Colin Greiner (13th)

Ned Wojcik (15th)


Danny Leonard (Champion)

Jayden Reyes (Runner-up)

Esteban Medina (3rd)

Sam Mortensen (4th)

Dev Dassani (5th)

Aidan Gill (15th)

Individual City Champions: Maida, Sterling San Juan, Leonard

               Varsity City Champions

JV City Champions

Freshmen City Champions